Short Instagram Captions For Selfie, Girls and Best Friends

Do you like short instagram captions and captions for selfies and more? Want to express something? Want to show your friends something? Social networking sites have taken over the entire nation in the last decade. People and youngsters are posting pictures, selfies, group photos, captions, images, love notes, friendship notes, welcome notes, emoticons and smileys and what not just to express their feelings for others on Instagram. What should be our reaction? We tend to like or love that picture.

We all are so addicted to this mobile app called – Instagram, that we cannot imagine our lives without it. The morning we open our eyes, we open Instagram to check out the latest picture shared or the latest update by any of our friends or neighbors. At the same time, we also find ways to put various innovative captions to attract the readers and our peers.


Short instagram captions

So what should our captions be like? For short Instagram captions for friends, you can find some examples below.

Short instagram Captions

  • My life is Cute with you.
  • Let me come in your life.
  • Once I think I definitely do it.
  • Dream big if you achieve big.
  • Memories make us emotional always.
  • Addiction to everything is always dangerous.
  • Let me bring something for you.
  • Caring people find too difficult.
  • Winter selfies are awesome.
  • Group of friends always create unique memories.
  • I love cooking when my husband helps me.
  • She makes fool better than food.
  • I am born rock star.
  • Think twice before telling lie.
  • Looking sunrise gives energy.
  • A big party comes with a big occasion.
  • Lovely life with lovely people.
  • Friends stand with you but true friend stands with you in a difficult time.
  • Cute and classy
  • Friends with benefits
  • Try and try harder to get success.
  • Nothing is impossible if you think
  • The margin of error is very less in competition.
  • Every morning gives you one more chance to prove yourself.
  • My heart beats on you.
  • Late night party with friends.

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Short captions for best friends 

  • Friends for lifetime
  • Friends for life and beyond
  • Your friend is my friend – let us welcome him/her in the group
  • The cutest friendship story is ours
  • Why click with any other, when you have a friend like her/him
  • Buddies are something that God gifts
  • An amazing friend like you is all that I have
  • A burger with my bestie
  • A dinner date with my bestie
  • You’re my shadow
  • Throwback to our same birthday
  • My knight in shining armor
  • A ferry ride with my bestie
  • New year with not so new friends
  • Save the best to the last with a dear friend
  • A friend like you is more than precious
  • Nothing is difficult than finding a new friend
  • My friends make my life.
  • I can’t imagine it would not have in my life how it will be.
  • One girl and one boy can friends.

Short captions for girls 

  • Slay in this little black dress
  • Yay or nay
  • Slay baby slay
  • Keep your eyes shut while I am getting clicked
  • Dressed up like a doll tonight
  • Where to go is the biggest mystery
  • Lean into great style with this designer
  • About last night
  • Girls look great wearing red.
  • Party with pinky
  • Shy girls look beautiful.
  • Live longer stay longer.
  • Still cannot think of a caption
  • You better judge me not
  • I don’t mind cheating on my heels
  • Time for some coffee now
  • When in Goa – do the Goan thing
  • It’s great to be a kid sometimes
  • You are never too old to dress up
  • You are never too old to play
  • Simple elegance
  • All smiles when I am with you
  • Happy happiest day to us
  • Let the eyes do the talking
  • Let there be light
  • Beauty is power
  • Smile is a sword
  • Your body and mind can withstand anything
  • Feeling on top of the world
  • Smile is the best thing you can wear

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Short captions for selfies 

  • Do what you love
  • Your smile says it all
  • Create and not suffer
  • Selfie for the first time
  • And that’s how you rock a party
  • And when you are holding a pup for the very first time
  • Positivity is beautiful
  • Be pretty not outside but inside too
  • Do what best you can do
  • Challenge yourself every day
  • Make a wish and a command
  • New year, new roles, new resolutions and a new me
  • New year with a new haircut
  • Keep calm and click a selfies
  • Throw smile at others and attitude
  • Laughter is the best medicine
  • Life is short, break rules and forgive quickly
  • Spread positivity
  • You will like my selfie I am queen.
  • Boring day can you get some cool stuff.
  • Come with me I will you how to play with heart.
  • Who think I am not a selfie expert.
  • Real faces come in bad time.
  • Best things in life are free
  • Loving life right now


As I already told you many short instagram captions for selfies, best friends, girls and more you can choose anyone which suits you. Please share this post with your friends and family so they can use these instagram captions too. We have many types of instagram captions that will make your post most beautiful and popular among your friends. In future if you need captions you can visit my website anytime. You will really find good instagram captions for your post and you will have peace of mind. That’s it for today keep touch with us we will post soon.

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