Good Instagram Captions For Friends, Selfies and Couple

Are you tech savvy? Are you a socio-holic person or a social friendly person? You keep uploading various updates/posts/captions on various social networking sites. It is good and it is surely for fun. It is also for work purpose as well. But how do find a good Instagram caption for your stuff that you want to upload/promote? There are several ways to promote and share what you love or like. There are several ways to share your love for your friends and family on these social networking sites.

Good instagram captions

There are times when you’re probably sitting idle and feel like sharing something really interesting on Instagram or any other social website. You look/search for various ways to share; you want to tag your friends too. But how and what to write? There are times when you fall short of words and fall short of writing some nice and cool caption. You end up browsing other’s pages to see some good caption, for the mood that you in.

You might add and break two or three captions (from others’ caption) and make it your own piece. This is how normal people do. Or you get inspired by someone’s caption and you follow them to copy theirs’. There are other browsers too that will fetch you many good an interesting captions for your Instagram page.

There are various sections for writing or sharing your captions. For instance, Instagram Captions for Selfies, captions for summers, captions for fun, Instagram captions for hiring someone for work and many others. So now you have to choose wisely and be careful while uploading any of these captions.

How to write a Good Instagram Caption?

We all know that compelling captions for all social networking sites will generate and garner more “likes” and “hearts” for your posts. We all do it purposely and of course, we all love the way people shower their love on our posts and uploads. These engaging captions lead to more engagements and replies that we all love to see. Of course, the TRP of your post increases if your caption is liked and loved by the majority of your friends and this way you get more followers too. This is one of the key things that the Instagram algorithm considers while you are uploading anything.

Good Instagram Captions

  • Your soul belongs to you think yourself.
  • My heart beats for someone lovely.
  • God give me the power I will do this.
  • My thought changes if you will change.
  • Love needs trust if you have then
  • I need you can’t you understand me.
  • A wonderful feeling comes with beautiful nature.
  • What makes our relationship trustworthy?
  • Can you read my eyes it’s want to tell you something?

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Good Instagram captions for Couple

  • you are my butterscotch
  • love me 51% I will do rest.
  • you are good in my pain.
  • I am always with you whether its happy or sad moments.
  • you make my life rocking without you I was nothing.
  • Two besties are more dangerous than a couple.
  • come with me dear I will take you for a lifetime.
  • our relationship based on truth never say lie to me.
  • long distance relationship is based on feelings, truth, and honesty with each other.
  • I never saw you like that you are my dream girl.
  • life is about sharing the feeling and thought with their partner.
  • hey, I saw you last night in my dream.

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Good Instagram captions for selfies

  • I think my phone born for selfies.
  • Who do brush I take selfie first in the morning.
  • if you selfie lover comment below.
  • come with me we will take group selfies.
  • what phone you are using for a selfie.
  • In real I am not pretty but instagram editor makes me queen.
  • Come in my life I will teach you how to take selfies.
  • girls are always expert in taking selfies.
  • I am selfie queen is there any other queen.
  • Winter is cool don’t make me fool.

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What makes a good Instagram caption?

Here, in this article, we will study what type of posts will make your caption look good or what will make it a good Instagram caption. Consider these points below –

  1. A good caption for selling – A good instagram caption will add context, some pictures, and some hashtags to show off your personality or your brands’ personality that you’re featuring or trying to feature. Captions normally can be around 2200 characters in length. This includes emoticons and emojis and hashtags too.
  2. Do not use too many hashtags – Do not encrypt your caption with only and only hashtags. This will look too common and boring as well. Avoid too many hashtags. Keep it simple and engaging.
  3. A post should be engaging – Your posts should grab the eyes and attention of the viewers, only then will you get maximum likes and hearts.
  4. Identify the audience – Identify your audience and identify the text of your post. Instagram is one such page where people of all income brackets are shown. If your post is for a business promotion purpose, it is advisable to know your audience and their type and their category as well.
  5. Promotional caption – If you’re selling something, keep your stuff to a lower income group of people. There are mostly females who fall in this category and they search for various options and opportunities for economical purchase.
  6. Captions for friends – If your Instagram posts/update is for you friend, tag him/her. Make it special by adding some funny pictures and memes. Emoticons/emojis work great here incase of friends. Upload thrills and fun that you had with your friends. Tag them and add something quirky and funny. This will capture readers’ keen interest
  7. Caption for selfies – In general, though, Instagram users do not prefer a formal tone of writing or updating posts. Keep it funny and interactive. Keep it lively so that it garners a lot of interests from others as well. It should be quirky and witty so that all fall in love with your captions. For instance, look for captions put by the celebrities. They are fun to read, they are full of mirth and quirk and at the same time, the content is engaging and apt to the situation.
  8. Funny captions for Instagram – You should keep things light and should use humor and pun where needed. Audiences prefer that. Seriousness is not required here… If you’re tackling the Instagram caption for fun or any random thought, make it funny or whimsical so that it is read and liked by all. Keeps it engaging?

While posting an update, always consider the length of your post. Do not keep it too long that it looks like a story. No one will read it. Keep it witty and whimsical. The length should be appropriate. Convey your points immediately. Again, the main points should be kept in the beginning so as to garner public interest in reading it. Too long a post is often left inscrolled. Convey your point in the beginning and keep all the hashtags in the end. Hook the reader in your caption/post so that he/she clicks “read more” button. Take your time while uploading your text/posts. Edit and rewrite if the content is informational. Make it sound interesting and good. Great writing is one that you take multiple drafts of your caption.

The more comments from others and the more likes and hearts on your posts, you call that a Good Instagram caption. Make it cool and engaging so that your post is loved by all. Keep answering to all your comments. That will surely leave behind a good impression. Never avoid emoticons and don’t be afraid of using them. Keep adding hashtags to answer and @ in the end to complete your reply to a person in particular. This is the way you write and upload a Good Instagram Caption.

Updated: January 17, 2019 — 12:51 pm