Funny Instagram Captions for Selfies, Girls, Friends

You often must have heard that the first impression is the last impression. That is the reason that people put their Instagram captions after so much of thought. Well, that’s accurate in social media because it is in real life, and often a lot more judgmental. Quite often people develop their online personality to reveal the things they best Instagram bios to be, not necessarily what they’re.

Funny instagram captions

There are many captions related to social networking sites. But what you choose and what you put creates an image on the reader. These social networking sites represent and reflect your personality. Choose and write such content and captions that is user-friendly and appropriate to read. Content should never be inappropriate or something that is not liked by the users/viewers. There are several ways to depict your selfies or your love for selfies or any other social cause.

Here in this article, we are going to study various captions that are and that can use on the Instagram page.

Let’s go ahead and read-

Funny Instagram Captions –

You put images and photos not only to show but also for fun. There are times when you’re feeling bored and wish to do something cool and sassy, probably only for fun. Then show your funny side to your friends on your Instagram page. Here are some captions that are completely apt and for fun.

  • I am cute and I know it
  • Twenty four hour champagne diet
  • Let us celebrate with a “toast” and then you get “lost”
  • Live for today, work for tomorrow and party tonight
  • Work hard but party harder
  • I am young and you only live once
  • I am lucky and I am cute
  • My biggest problem – I notice everything
  • Truth is that I am crazy and everyone can see that
  • Life isn’t perfect but hair is
  • When life gives you lemons, make vodka shot
  • When life gives you a lesson, make other’s listen
  • The best thing in me is me, myself
  • Judge me only when you are correct
  • Take care of your body, that is the only place you have to live in
  • Weekend, please don’t leave me
  • All I want is another Sunday after the Sunday
  • Sunday, Sunday come again, please don’t go to Monday
  • I think you are lacking vitamin Me
  • If I was funny, you would have got the best Instagram caption
  • Friday is the best day of the week
  • Onions, why do you make me sad
  • I need Sunday, four times in a week
  • I need a six month holiday, atleast twice a week
  • I never try to fit into some space, I was born to stand out

Funny Instagram captions for selfies –

Developing your personal biography might be overwhelming but here are some ideas to get you going. If you read through the very best bios below, you’ll observe that there are particular traits inside them which will provide you with a good idea of the building blocks essential to be successful. Make your Funny Instagram Bios quick and sweet. Nobody enjoys long wordy descriptions and the shorter it’s, the more memorable it’ll be.

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  • Selfie mode on
  • Let’s shine without the sunshine
  • I am what I am and no one can change it
  • Don’t judge the picture by the cover, check out the pages too
  • Wishing everyone a beautiful morning and a super cool day
  • Weddings are the best to dress up and flaunt your style
  • It’s not often a home comes along which is like literally my work
  • Christmas this year got me like elevated
  • I am going to lay under the Christmas tree like a gift
  • Now that’s what I call a perfect selfie
  • Do you believe in miracles? You don’t but I do
  • Live for those moments that are just now
  • Live for those moments that cannot be achieved minus love
  • The best way to start your vacation is with your family
  • Hot tea in this chilly morning is all that you need
  • The best way to kick-start your day is with yoga
  • I look my happiest when I am around you
  • I look my happiest when I am thinking about you
  • I look my happiest when I am posing for a picture
  • Loving life right now
  • Everything seems beautiful with this beautiful person
  • Someone just said to me “start showing your face in your pictures”
  • Finally indulging myself with some snacks, drinks, chocolates and a nice picture
  • I am not coming to the door, so stop knocking
  • A women with 6 martinis can ruin a city
  • Yours truly, but not truly yours
  • Me, my girls and some fun
  • Roses are red and I am going to bed
  • Did you miss me enough to drink, or did you drink enough to miss me
  • How I will be knowing someone stalks my Instagram and sees a happy me
  • Baby, you’re just an updated version of yourself

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Instagram Caption for Friends –

You post pictures on social media sites while you have spent that entire day with your friends. It’s not about exhibiting but about showing that how much you love your friends. Carry on with your cool pictures and those captions that show even pictures speak. These captions are just a way to show what you’re trying to speak. So speak your heart out by putting up these cool captions for friends.

  • Just remember, if we get caught you’re deaf and I don’t speak English
  • A friend in need is a friend indeed
  • Why play alone when you have a super cute sister
  • Friends with benefits – you get one and I eat that
  • Cherishing memories made since 1992
  • I have never let me friends do stupid things alone
  • You’re a Betty to my Veronica
  • You’re a Joey to my Chandelier
  • Together we do those things that we want
  • I don’t know what’s tighter- our jeans or our friendship
  • We are pretty and we know how to rock
  • We are the Victoria’s secret models
  • The never ending friendship
  • The trio continues its insaneness again
  • Give me sunshine
  • Lovely trio
  • I alone am boring, two are fun and three are definitely hot
  • Friend is an essential part of our lives – can’t do without them
  • Friends like you make me crazy
  • Friends like you make me do crazy things
  • Friends like you make this place a rocking place
  • Friendship is so much treasured that you cannot express or put into words
  • Keep calm and rock with your bestie
  • Keep calm coz it’s your friend’s birthday
  • You and I are more than friends – we make a cool squad
  • Friendship isn’t a big or the biggest thing in the world, it is one in a minion thing
  • Always cherish your time spent with your loved ones

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Instagram captions for girls –

  • I didn’t kill anyone, my sweetness did
  • If you treat me like a queen, you would get gold coins
  • My biggest problem is that I notice everything
  • Always trust your friends and not your enemies
  • You gave me a reason to smile and I will give you a reason to laugh
  • You are one in a minion thing to me my dear bestie
  • Girls’ reunion be like – a gang of mess
  • Girls’ fun be like
  • You’re an apple of my eye – now please don’t eat my eyes literally
  • You’re the joy to my little chandelier
  • The trio is always gonna have super fun
  • We are cool and so is our attitude
  • It’s our attitude, you should mind yours
  • I feel that I am sexy but if you think I am cute, I love it then
  • At least this balloon is attracted to me
  • Love for selfies and chocolates
  • I must destroy you with my hugs
  • An apple a day keeps the doctor away but if the doctor is cute and single then keep the apple away

Instagram caption for motivation and success –

  • Sail tough and fight like a sailor
  • Some beautiful paths can be discovered but efforts are required
  • Beautiful paths can be covered easily only if you have the courage
  • Time and tide will make you stronger
  • The stronger you grow, the more beautiful soul will you become
  • When you fight for what you want, you will get that thing
  • Life is short but there are no shortcuts to success
  • Say sorry and move on
  • Forgive, forget and become a peaceful soul
  • Just smile and say I am fine even if you’re in pain
  • Be proud of what you have achieved, success will not be far
  • I just need me who never gives up on life

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You can choose any instagram captions of them. In this article, you can find Funny Instagram captions for selfies, Funny Instagram, Instagram captions for girls, Instagram caption for motivation and success, if you feel this article helpful to you. Please share this article with your friends and family. We are here to give to all type of Instagram captions.

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